Discover Lake Idro

An Alpine lake, surrounded by wooded mountains

The lake of Idro lies between Lago di Garda and Lago di Iseo in the Brescian pre-Alpine mountains and with its hotels, camp sites, and villages offers a holiday venue dedicated to complete relaxation. The lake of Idro is the ideal spot for those who want to get away from it all and enjoy outdoor activities in touch with nature and time honoured traditions. Families and couples represent the majority of visitors to the lake. The lake of Idro is 12 km long, 2 km wide and 368 m above sea level. Its surface area is 10.9 km2 and the maximum depth is 122 m. Surrounded by forested mountains rising up to 1400 m in altitude, at the foot of which lie small and very welcoming local villages. The hotels are family run and are well known for their good cooking with an abundance of traditional local dishes. All the camp sites and holiday houses face directly onto the lake, are well organized, providing a warm welcome and modern facilities.The air temperature from May to September is 20 to 30°C and the lake is warm enough for swimming from June to September with water temperatures above 20°C. The natural stony beaches are all easily accessible.

The altitude and geographic position of Lago d’Idro ensure that there is never the oppressive mugginess typical of the summer season in Italy. In the afternoons, when temperatures are highest, the “Ander” wind always blows down the lake, not strong enough to disturb the bathers but a joy for sailing, wind surfing and kite surfing fans. In the evening the temperature drops a few degrees but not too much, so that it is always a pleasure to stay out in the evening air, perhaps relaxing on a terrace or the lakeside, without having to cover up with heavy pullovers, something which instead is normal in mountain resorts at higher altitudes, and the night time temperatures ensure a good untroubled sleep. In the late morning and early afternoon the wind is not particularly strong permitting the less expert to learn the various wind sports, later in the day, however, the wind strengthens to the joy of the more expert. In the early morning the lake is as flat calm as a billiard table and ideal for paddling in a canoe or rowing boat in search of the lake’s hidden and solitary corners … in a dreamlike calm.

The lake is also famous among fishermen for its abundance. Fishing is permitted simply by buying a fishing licence, valid in the Lombardia Region and available at any Post Office around the lake with a “tourist” licence, valid for 2 months, costing just a few euros. The following fish species are all found in the lake: bass, pike, chub, eels, and bleak. Another characteristic of the lake is the absence of mosquitoes thanks to the constant presence of the wind in the afternoon and the natural continuous movement of the lake currents.