Sporting activities on Lake Idro

Sports in close contact with nature

Lake Idro offers the opportunity to practice sport in direct contact with nature, competing with it with fun and healthy effort. Thanks to the constant presence of the Ander, the wind that blows from south to north in the afternoon hours, the lake is crossed from east to west by windsurfers and sailboats, while only the northern part of the lake, near Ponte Caffaro, where the wind exerts more pressure, is dedicated to kitesurfers. In the morning, there is no wind and it becomes ideal terrain for rowers: several sports clubs even come to Lake Idro every year to train.

There is no shortage of rock walls to climb freely, not only on Lake Idro but also in other nearby places in the valley. Very beautiful is the ‘corna di Fenere’ which can be reached in a five-minute walk from the beautiful Vesta beach. The cliff is a few metres above the lake level: beautiful panorama, varied limestone rock, excellent strongholds with resin-bound bolts, all routes are marked and have a fixed cable at the base.

Vie Ferrate

the 4700 m long Ferrata Sasse all the way at the water’s edge, connecting Vesta to Baitoni;
the 200 m Ferrata Crènch near Crone, a short but almost vertical wall overlooking Lake Idro;
the Casto Ferrate in the nearby Parco delle Fucine (17 km from Idro) consisting of 14 independent sections of varying difficulty.
There are also two departure points for paragliders, as many fans of this extreme sport come to Lake Idro every year. One can launch from Monte Alpo (1508 m) above Baitoni and from Monte Stino (1466 m) above Capovalle, easily reached by car or bus.

Mountain biking

For road and off-road cyclists, there are routes of all lengths and difficulties, climbing the surrounding mountains, over mountain passes and mountain roads with little traffic from motorised vehicles.
Through this link, you can access a range of downloadable routes for mountain biking, to discover enchanting places by bike.